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Watch with Kristin: Brittany singing Britney and Kristin Chenoweth!

Posted by Tinkers on Jul-13-2010 under Glee Guest Stars, Heather Morris, News

E! Online’s Kristin de Santos is making us squeal again! That woman has it down to an art form.

In her latest spoiler chat, Kristin answered the burning questions of two fans using her endless entertainment intel. Apparently, season two will feature the return of KCheno and the one thing we’re all waiting for: Brittany’s first solo!

Barry in Ohio: Glee please!
How about some Kristin Chenoweth news that’ll make your heart sing?! Our favorite guest star tells us she’s setting her sights on Glee’s second season, and she’s in talks to have her own show. (Anybody remember Kristin? Yeah, it’s not that.) “I’m working on my album with Sony,” the O.G. Snookie (Olive Snook, bitches, yo yo!) tells us. “So I’ll be doing a tour and going back to Glee a little bit and also doing my own TV show.” According to a source close to K.Chen, it’s way too early to divulge any other details, but still, feel free to hug me and give me chocolates for sharing this happy news. No really, I don’t mind.

Maggie in Barcelona: Is that Britney Spears’ themed episode of Glee really going to happen?
As of now everything is still in talks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Glee pulled off a Britster episode in season two. We know one Gleek (and fellow “Brit”) who’d love it, too. Heather Morris (Brittany) tells me: “I heard there’s a Britney Spears episode coming up and fingers crossed that I get to sing, because I play Brittany and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, it’s insane.’” That could potentially be Heather’s first solo…how fitting is that?!

How exciting is that?! It’s been rumored that Brittany will make her singing debut, and also rumored that there’s a Brittany Spears episode in the works. How insane/ironic would it be if Brittany sang some Britney? Post below!

Edit: Thank you to a commenter, for pointing out that I spelled Britney wrong.

Source: Spoiler Chat: Glee, 30 Rock, True Blood and More – E! Online

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3 Responses to “Watch with Kristin: Brittany singing Britney and Kristin Chenoweth!”

  1. You spelled Britney Spears wrong! It’s Britney, not Brittany!

  2. That sounds exciting!! Plus, Brittany kinda looks like Britney so it would be awesome to see her sing “Baby one more time”!!!

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