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Official ‘Glee’ Novel Series Announced

Posted by Rob on Jun-09-2010 under News

Glee - The BeginningAre you wondering how Fox will keep Glee fresh in the viewers’ heads before their return to TV for season 2? One way will be with a new series of officially licensed novels. EW’s Shelf Life just announced that book publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers has freshly inked a deal with Fox, and the first novel in the series will be on shelves come August. It will be titled, “Glee – The Beginning“, and will be a prequel to the show in which we get to see more into the lives of the characters prior to joining New Directions. It will try to explore some of the back stories of the characters in ways that we haven’t haven’t gotten to see on the small screen, and will include a double-sided poster.

So while the novel series may be lacking the show’s signature music, their original stories will try to hold fans over until the show starts up again. Besides, it will be nice to have something to read in between episodes! Current speculation is that some of the Glee writers may have a hand in the book’s creation, which would definitely be a good thing. In most cases with licensed TV novels, the stories must stay fairly true to the canon, so nothing major can take place. The books must leave characters the same way they found them, so not much development can take place without deviating from the plot of the TV series. However, if they can do it well, I think a novel series could be very successful and more importantly, hopefully the fans will love it.

Source: ‘Glee’ exclusive: Little, Brown to publish booksEW’s Shelf Life

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11 Responses to “Official ‘Glee’ Novel Series Announced”

  1. I am so flipping excited for this especially because it explores their lives before they joined Glee. Oh I really can’t wait to read this & I love that it’s canon! I wonder when they’re supposed to come out.

  2. I am a bookworm and i would purchase this books

  3. I don’t know. This is going too far, isn’t it? I’m as much of a gleek as the next person, but now the show is becoming too much of a commodity rather than just a great show to admire. What’s next? a glee singing instructional video.

  4. wow! i’m so excited!!!! can’t wait for this! :D

  5. I love it! I can’t wait to get it! I’m hoping for a lot of Puck in this book! :D

  6. hey its salt and pepper wooo =D we love GLEE and are so excited for this book we are so buying it!!! .
    P.S follow: QuinandFinnGLEE on twitter and WeareGleeks aswell go go go

  7. Also when is it out in australia??? Love glee its so good.. GLLEEEE is really really AWESOME!!!!!!

  8. Really cannot wait until this book comes out. :D i love glee its awesome…

  9. Can’t waitttttt :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  10. Follow me on twitter @nikitanicoll and salt at @acheesyname go lol. we love glee. :D

  11. So if you can back it up. That will really help us all. And this might bring some good repute to you.

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