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Jessica Sanchez Joins Season 4?

Posted by Jon on Jun-30-2012 under Cast & Crew, Glee Guest Stars

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With Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, and Santana all leaving the hallowed halls of McKinley High next year, the glee club is in high need of a new diva to take the reins.

According to a recent article at TVLine, that diva could be Jessica Sanchez, the runner-up of this year’s American Idol competition. Jessica is close to signing on for a multiple-episode arc in Season 4, and if everything goes as planned, she could appear midway through the first half of the season. The later start date would allow her to finish the American Idol summer tour.

Of course, there’s no confirmation that Jessica will appear as a McKinley student. In fact, with her move to NYADA and New York, Rachel just might need a little new competition…
What do you think, Gleeks? Are you excited to see some fresh faces next year? Already itching to hear Jessica’s first song on the show? Sound off below!

Sources: Glee Casts Jessica Sanchez — Season 4 – TVLine

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5 Responses to “Jessica Sanchez Joins Season 4?”

  1. GLEE DOESN’T NEED NEW PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! I love glee the way it is and if you add the new girl i won’t be happy and I know a lot of other people won’t be happy either!

  2. omg how did rachel react?

  3. no glee is awesome the way it is

  4. she is soooooooo good

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