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Have a Question for Abraham Lim or Dani Shay?

Posted by Mary on Jun-06-2012 under GleeFan.com Exclusives, Interviews

Photo Credit: Oxygen NetworksWe have another GleeFan.com Q&A, this time with some of the Glee Project Season 2 contestants!

You guys voted and chose Abraham Lim and Dani Shay as your ideal Glee Project interviewees and they have both kindly agreed to do a Q&A in the same format as the others we have done with other Glee cast members. Once all the questions are submitted, I’ll be sending the best ones to Abraham and Dani, so please have your questions in by 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, June 13th.

You may either leave your questions here as a comment or Tweet them to me @GleekMaryP. Remember to include your first name and optionally your last initial, as well as where you are from. If you would like, you can also include your age. For example, if I were to ask a question, at the end I would say, “Mary P. (20, Chicago, IL).”
Photo Credit: Oxygen Networks
Also, please make sure to write whether or not your question is towards Abraham, Dani or both of them! Finally, please use your real email address if you are leaving a comment, because I will be sending out a reminder email to the people whose questions were selected.

We’re looking for a good mix of serious and silly questions, but definitely feel free to ask them about their time onThe Glee Project, their work outside of the show and fun facts about themselves!

Good luck, and I can’t wait to read through all your questions!

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38 Responses to “Have a Question for Abraham Lim or Dani Shay?”

  1. For Abe: What is it like to be on the show? And who is your “confidante”? :) Doesn’t have to be a woman. XD Can be anybody. :DDD :) PICK THIS QUESTIOOOON! Oh! And what do you think of your Asian fans (ME! :D) ? :)))

  2. For Dani: Hallow. :) First and foremost, what’s the feeling like to be part of The Glee Project? I mean, the show wouldn’t be complete without you and Abe! :D Who’s your bet to be the winner for this season’s The Glee Project? I don’t know if you or Abe! :((( Can it be like the previous season? 2 winners? :D What’s your take on all this? :) Oh, and good luck to you and Abe! :))))) We’re rooting for both of you! :) Keep on rocking. :D

  3. For Abraham; Hello! Actually I’m little excited, haha! So if you will be the winner, what will you do? I really wanna see you on Glee! Team Abraham, love you!

  4. Abraham: who do you feel like your biggest competition and if you make it onglee what do you want your character to be like

  5. To Dani: 1. At what age was your first relationship ever? 2. What would you describe yourself when you were in high school? Popular, or geeky, or something like that. 3. Have you kissed a guy before? (Lol I know) -Amanda Moreira (16, Malaysia)

  6. For both: What advice would you give to people that want to pursue this career? And now changing a little bit the topic, haha… What was your first kiss like?

  7. this question is for Abraham. how many competition that u had entered so far and if you would be on Glee, which character you would like to play ? who did you think the most strong competitors among the participants. hope you will reply. tq :D

  8. This is for both of you wonderful people! :) what advice would you give to a kid dreaming of getting on the glee project?

  9. This is for both of you. How do you guys deal with being away from your family and friends? Is it easy since your excited to be on the show or do you guys miss home a lot?

  10. Hey Abraham, I’m a big fan and I was just wondering when your going to start coming out with your own original songs? I am also wondering what you look for in a girl or what are qualities in women that you find attractive? Basically, what is your dream girl?

  11. holy shoot bro i’m sorry my friend gave me wrong info she said you were gay >.> can’t judge a book by it’s cover i guess ummmm. What were all the colors your hair has ever been.

  12. Dani: do you like being in the glee project better or somewhere else composing your own music? :D
    Abraham: if the theme on the glee project was pairability, who would you pick as your partner? and what song would both of you sing? :D

  13. For Abe, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you? :) -Dhanie Santos (13, Philippines)

  14. For Dani: Hi, I really wanted to ask you why you decided to join Glee? I know you since American’s Got Talent & you’re amazing. So I’m curious, are you a Gleek?? Or what was your reason to join our family? Love you Dani! Fer (17, Mexico)

  15. Marti S. from Italy.
    For Dani, I’m your fan and I really hope you’ll win. Will you sing any your song in the project? I love your song and your voice. And can we hope to see you a bit more that in premiere episode? (i’m sorry for misspellings, but I must to write you) :) Kiss from Italy! Baci dall’Italia :*

  16. For both, but mainly for dani; the glee characters have more of an idealistic view on falling in love and how if it is meant to me, anything can happen, and it will. Do you agree with these? Or are you more realist’s?

  17. Sorry for the typo…;), be*

  18. From: Kennedy (16, Vancouver, BC)

    For Abraham: Have you ever been in love?

    For Dani: Have you ever had your heart broken?

    For Abraham: What has been the most embarassing moment of your life?

    For Dani: What was the best moment of your entire life?

    For Abraham: How would you react if you won the glee project?

    For Dani: How would you react if you won the glee project?

  19. From: Kennedy (16, Vancouver, BC)

    For Abraham: Have you ever been in love?

    For Dani: Have you ever had your heart broken?

    For Abraham: What has been the most embarassing moment of your life?

    For Dani: What was the best moment of your entire life?

    For Abraham: How would you react if you won the glee project?

    For Dani: How would you react if you won the glee project?

    For Abraham: Would you ever date a fan?

  20. From: Daniela (12, Brazil)

    For both: Do you guys have plans for Brazil? We love you!
    For Dani: Do you an idea about how often do you receives asking you if you’re Justin Bieber?
    For both: What was your feeling when the announcement about you been accepted on The Glee Project?
    For Abraham: Since when do you sing and dance?

  21. so what?

  22. This is for both.
    Can y’all speak another languages besides English? And what is y’all’s favorite dessert? :)

  23. *language

  24. Oops… Sorry!
    I’m from Atlanta, GA and I’m 17 yrs old

  25. For Dani :),

    What inspired you to first start writing music. By the way I love you and your music. I hope you win the glee project!

  26. For both:
    1. What is your biggest achievement in your life so far?
    2. Why do you choose to audition for The Glee Project? And if you are the winner, what do you think your character will looks like?
    3. What advices that you can give to kids that want to be in the music world?
    4. If you can sing a duet with a person (dead and/or alive) who will it be?

    For Dani:
    1. Which one do you want the most to be in, America’s Got Talent or The Glee Project?

    Monica P. (17, Indonesia)

  27. abraham: just one question: you can say a word in Spanish? would it be?

    pd.i’m from chile :) x

  28. Abraham, what was it like performing with afterschoolspecial at the ISA Festival last fall?

  29. For Abraham :
    I am hoping that you will read this i am your no.1 fan in the Philippines i hope that you will follow back on my twitter account @gleekroel and i will become happy ,,.

  30. C’est vraiment un grand morceau et d’information utile. Je suis heureux que vous partagiez cette information utile avec nous. S’il vous plaît nous tenir au courant de ce genre. Merci pour le partage.

  31. To Dani and Abraham; is there any key performance tips that you use and can pass onto us? :) Lexi (15, Ohio)

  32. to Dani
    1. would you ever date a fan
    2. if you could date anyone in the cast of glee who would it be?
    3. what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    4. if you did the spin the bottle scene who would you want to land on? Allie (14, Washington)

  33. Dani: Is it hard being on the Glee Project when you have to be away form all of your family and friends?
    Abe: What would be your dream song to perform on TGP?

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