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GleeFan Exclusive: Chris Colfer Q&A on Land of Stories, Struck by Lightning, Glee and more!

Posted by Rob on Jun-02-2012 under Chris Colfer, GleeFan.com Exclusives, Interviews, News

Chris ColferThanks to the thousands of questions you guys submitted, here is another exclusive Q&A with Chris Colfer! Chris talks a bit about his upcoming book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, his new film Struck By Lightning, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

Q: “Who are you more likely to be pals with in real life–Carson or Kurt?” – Tasha V. (17, Philippines)
A: I’m not sure I would be friends with either. We’re all such different species I’m not sure what we would talk about. Fashion? Journalism? History? You can only talk about ambition for so long at lunch. I can see it now:

CHRIS: Did you know French support for the American Revolution partly caused the French Revolution?
CARSON: Did you know I really don’t give a s***?
KURT: I wish Blaine was here.
CHRIS: Check, please!

Q: “How did your sister react to you being slimed at the TCA show?” – Thea L. (Bloomingdale, IL)
A: My little sister is almost more protective of me than I am of her. She’s my part-time body guard. So I think she was a little freaked out at first because she wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurt. When I did “Shirley Todd” in high school, during the part I was pushed into an oven as “Mr. Lovett”, she almost ran up on the stage and tackled Shirley. My mom had to hold her back.

Q: “Did you ever write fanfiction when you were younger?” – Lauren C. (17, Cerritos, CA)
A: Can’t say I did. I was always greatly influenced and inspired by things but I never wanted to “add” to pre-existing works; I liked creating my own characters and worlds. Same reasoning behind why I’ve never wanted to write for Glee. Although the Land of Stories is kind of like the ultimate fan fiction for me since most of the characters are borrowed from Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm.

Q: “What is your writing process like? Do you write outlines, character sheets, etc.?” – Becky Z. (McAllen, TX)
A: It just depends, every storm hits me differently. I tend to see everything in trailers, like a bunch of mental clips of people and places and situations that I then tie all together to create a story. I usually do a character and story outline and keep a notepad of good lines as they come to me. I used to draw a lot as a kid since I was too young to write anything.

Q: “Do you have any favourite authors or books that had a big impact on your life, either as a child or an adult?” – Maria V. (23, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
A: It’s cliché, but honestly, the book/series that had the most profound effect on me was Harry Potter. I feel like I grew up with those characters (I was the same age as Harry, Ron, and Hermione as I read them). They were really who and what I needed during those times, who and what we ALL needed. Some of my happiest memories are going to those mid-night release parties. In many ways I think JK Rowling gave our generation a childhood.

Q: “Have you met J.K Rowling? If you did, what happened?” – Angela W.
A: Yes! I met her at the White House on Easter 2010 and was more excited to meet her than to meet the President. Through the shaking and stuttering, I managed to say hello and just thanked her, telling her I really needed her books at the time I read them. She was super sweet and couldn’t have been nicer. I felt like a total idiot though, we were performing in costume and I was in Kurt’s tightest pair of skinny jeans. Typical.

Q: “Two things that should never be combined?” – Larissa S. (São Paulo, Brazil)
A: Milk and sushi.

Q: “What was the worst nightmare that you ever had?” – Fernanda M. (16, Brazil)
A: I’m afraid to even mention it! It messed me up for weeks. Seriously, it was so simple but so morbid I’m cautious to even put the mental image in someone else’s head. I woke up completely petrified, just laid in my bed shaking for at least an hour. All I’ll say it that I was somewhere and saw something slowly coming down the hall toward me, nothing monster or killer-esque, something much worse. But that’s all I’ll say. There’s definitely a downside to having a good imagination.

Q: “What was the funnest thing to film in your new movie?” – Angie (17, Casa Grande, AZ)
A: Probably the homecoming scene. It’s not every day you get to dress up as school supplies and pull Rebel Wilson across a football field…at least at work.

Q: “Who were your biggest supporters during the writing process for Struck By Lightning? Or who was your biggest fan of the script?” – Maddie F. (13, Ohio)
A: I’m gonna have to give this one to my grandmothers, real and fake. My real grandma was always my cheerleader as I was getting it made. I would come home feeling disheartened (it’s hard getting a movie made) and call her and she’d always give me a peep talk. And Polly Bergen has sung praise of the movie since we sent her the script. I love that lady so much, she’s such a legend. I consider working/knowing her to be one of the greatest gifts I could ever get being in this business.

Q: “What drew you to casting Allison Janney in ‘Struck by Lightning’ and how was it working with her?” – Keely M. (21, Washington, DC)
A: From the minute I wrote “SHERYL” in the first draft of SBL, Allison was and has always been the only actress in my head. I can’t even explain it. Working with her physically may have been the most surreal part of the experience because I had been working with her mentally for so long. And boy did we have fun! Love her!

Q: “If you could actually be any fictional character for a day, who would you be?” – Avery F. (19, New Orleans, LA)
A: That’s a tough one. Anyone magic, who lives in an enchanted castle overlooking the ocean with lots of gardens, and spends weekends being a super hero. Whoever that is please sign me up! Also, must have access to a sushi restaurant that delivers late. And a THEME PARK! Must have a theme park.

Q: “When you’re not writing amazing movies like SBL or books like LOS, what do you do in your spare time or on your days off? Do you prefer a night in or a night out? – Melanie A. (41, Portland, OR)
A: That is how I spend my days off, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve never been the type of person who allows myself to do nothing or turn “off”. I can’t stand sitting still. In the past I’ve literally scheduled days to do absolutely nothing, but two hours into that I get bored and am on my computer doing something.

Q: “If you could travel back in time and have the possibility to spend a day with your thirteen-year-old self, how would you spend the day and what would you tell him?” – Ana M. (Slovenia)
A: I don’t know if I could tell him everything in a day…

Get off MySpace and do your homework!
Hormones are not your fault.
There will be life after the final Harry Potter book, I promise!
Don’t raise tadpoles.
Your orange shirt does not fit.
Be thirteen!
That’s not Mary Alice’s real son.
And I’d give him the best advice I could give anyone now: Don’t be sad, just do something.

Q: “If you could create your own national holiday about absolutely anything, what would it be called?” – Nora R. (15, Los Angeles, CA)
A: What about National Fiction Appreciation Day? We need a day when everyone stops what they’re doing and celebrates imagination and creativity. Or National Performing Arts Day? Does that exist?

Q: “What’s your favorite historical period or historical figure?” – Emma M. (20, Syracuse, NY)
A: I’ve always been drawn to the Elizabethan golden age and the French Revolution. Queen Elizabeth I didn’t take crap from anyone and apparently Marie Antoinette threw fantastic parties. I’m seriously the happiest when I’m watching a historical documentary. There’s something about the past I find so fascinating, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Q: “Now that you’ve achieved both, do you have a preference for novel writing or screenplay writing?” – Morgan F. (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
A: It just depends on the story. In my opinion, screenwriting is much easier but novel writing is much more fulfilling. When you write a book it’s just you telling the story. You have to supply your audience with 100% of the story. There’s no director or actors helping you along the way.

Q: “Most embarrassing moment on the red carpet?” – Jenny N. (16, Liverpool, England)
A: Yelling in Helena Bonham Carter’s face. Yeah, it happened, and now I must learn to accept it. Every red carpet is an embarrassing moment for me, my voice shoots five octaves higher than usual and I have a permanent “deer in headlights” expression. But I’m getting better at it!

Q: “Are there many things which changed since you got really famous with Glee? Are you often recognized in the streets?” – Chiara (16, Germany)
A: I get recognized pretty much everywhere I go now. I love meeting people and hearing stories, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t annoying that people’s first instinct when they see me is to grab their camera. I get why Bigfoot stays home.

Q: “What was your favorite bed-time story?” – Fatema A. (20, Dubai, UAE)
A: All the fairy tales, but I really loved Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots for some reason. I can still remember those illustrations. They’re really elaborate stories. Every fairy tale always left me wanting more, which was probably why I was so inspired to create the Land of Stories.

Q: “Is The Little Leftover Witch still in pre-production? How involved are you in the process?” – Katrina N.
A: I think Disney ultimately decided they didn’t want to do another “magic” based show so soon after Wizards of Waverly Place. But it’s still on their radar and they still have all my pilot adaptions in case they want to bring it back in the future.

Q: “What is the most important lesson Glee has taught you?” – Andrea C. (18, Mexico)
A: Being a part of something special doesn’t necessarily make you special; finding the bliss in everything you do does.

Q: “If you made a horcrux, what would it be?” – Alexia DL (17, Belgium)
A: I would have to pick several. (Voldemort got to!) A copy of the Land of Stories, a DVD of Struck By Lightning, my sai swords, my birthday book from fans, my stuffed lamb that went “missing” when I was twelve, and all the notebooks I keep lying around.

Q: “In the episode On My Way, one of the judges is a vampire, and Kurt acts afraid of him. Was that something outlined in the script, or was it something you came up with yourself? If you came up with it on your own, what’s the story behind it?” – Erin M. (20, West Jordan, UT)
A: It was just something I came up with in the moment. I figured EVERYONE couldn’t be a fan of vampires. I’m always doing things to entertain myself, glad someone noticed!

Q: “What would be the title of your autobiography?” Jon D. (Ann Arbor, MI)
A: Chris Colfer: A Collection of Awkward Experiences

Q: “If you could witness three events in history, which would you choose?” – Alice (14, England)
A: Atlantis…the Spanish Armada…and the Moon landing. Those would be neat things to see. I’m sure I’m forgetting others. A real Shakespearian play perhaps? The sinking of the Titanic. (Morbid I know, but you would too.) Who put the statues on Easter Island?

Q: “If it weren’t for your fear of needles, what would you get a tattoo of?” – Jussy A. (San Francisco, CA)
A: I’ve always wanted to get my sai swords somewhere, but the fear of needles and sagging in the future outweighs the want. I have a packet of fake ones that I slap on whenever I’m in a feisty mood.

Q: “If you were to write an epitaph for your future tombstone, what would it be?” – Daniel (South Korea)
A: A thousand stories he told,
Aged, but was never old.

Thanks to Chris for taking the time to answer our questions! And readers, if you want to share parts of this Q&A online, please remember to include a link back to this page so your friends can read the entire Q&A. Thanks!

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