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Glee Cast to Appear at Trevor Live 2012

Its that time of the year again for a night full of comedy and music at this year’s Trevor Live. Trevor Live is an annual charity event that fundraises for The Trevor Project, the leading national anti-suicide prevention organization aimed at LGBTQ teens.

As with previous years, many of the Glee cast show their support for LGBTQ youth and the organization by attending this annual event. This year, cast members scheduled to appear are Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Dot Marie Jones, Kevin McHale, Jessica Sanchez, Kristin Chenoweth, and Naya Rivera.

I’ll be there to cover the Red Carpet arrivals for Gleefan. Tweet me, @GleekGenica, any questions you have or leave a comment below, and I’ll pick a few to ask to the Glee Cast.

The event takes place this Sunday, December 2nd at The Hollywood Palladium.

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9 Responses to “Glee Cast to Appear at Trevor Live 2012”

  1. Saw a bit of Glee tonite…what garbage…what untalented assholes are producing this shit!

  2. I have to agree… Glee is disappointing partly because they keep trying to push gay rights down our throats. It’s too much! I miss the days of the first and second seasons when Glee used to be so relatable.

  3. I have loved glee ever since I saw episode 1 seasen 1 but recently they have barely been showing kurt Hummel or Rachel Barry . It is essy to see why these people hate glee becuase there is truly less drama then before. But I certainly do not agree with them. These are just famous people playing a role . They are meant to bee gay or straight in the tv show.like blaine for example he is straight playing a gay role . I see nothing truly wrong with that but other people do.Now another example is kurt hummel (chris colfer) he is gay and he is playing a gay role. us americans have to except that to do this is ok.have a nice day.(sorry for it to be so long I have asbergers and OCD)

  4. I think I’ve send something to naya Rivera but I want to say to the director I thought you could make a glee with kid and I want to be Santana Lopez if you want to here me sing call (949)-899-3011

  5. Please call thanks I’ll sing I kissed a girl
    And please don’t send it to the email call me thanks

  6. Please call thanks I’ll sing I kissed a girl
    And please don’t send it to the email call me thanks

  7. Does anyone know where I can find glee karaoke revolution volume 4

  8. i like to sing loser like me and pitbull fir ball nicki minaj anconda styx mr robto for mash up rickey martin she bangs with akone smck that for the girls jennifer lopez on the floor with line king we are on

  9. can play my songs i side you mathhew i want you to win i like you still be winners ok form Benito Adamantino

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