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Glee Cast Heading to Australia

Glee Australia Tour Heads up, Australia! The cast of Glee is headed your way! After a pretty extensive tour across the USA, the cast of Glee is now going to go and promote the show in Australia.

Seeing as Glee airs on the Australian channel, Network TEN, it would only be fitting that ten of the cast members be going on this promotional tour. Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Dianna Agron, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale and Mark Salling are all making the trip down under.

During mid-September, the cast will go to Melborne and will appear on Rove, The 7pm Project and meet the singers of Australian Idol. They also plan on climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge and visiting the Bondi Rescue lifeguards at Bondi Beach.

It sounds like it should be an exciting time for them! Let’s hope all goes well in Australia. The more Gleeks, the better. :)

Source: Glee cast to visit Oz from TV Tonight.

Update: From Network Ten’s Glee page:

Sydney: Come down to Westpoint Blacktown Sunday 20th Sept from 1pm at On Four to meet the stars of Glee live.
PLUS be one of the first 100 there to win tickets to an exclusive screening of episode 2 at Hoyts that day.
Melbourne: Come down to Highpoint this Saturday from 3pm to meet the stars live PLUS be one of the first 150 there to win tickets to an exclusive screening of episode 2 & celebrate with the stars at Hoyts.

Thanks to Adam for the tip!

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27 Responses to “Glee Cast Heading to Australia”

  1. I do think this is awesome, but what about Canada?! It sucks how we’re always ignored.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNNOT WAITT!! ahhhhhh im soo excitedd!
    i love u kevin! ahaha
    i wanna meet you soo bad! ever since NLT!
    how willl i be able to meet you??
    im in sydney btw =]

  3. and ashley i disagree i think THIS IS VERYYY AWESOME!!!! =]
    its greattt!!!

  4. Canada, try being half way around the world and then get back to me! Australia is where major artists tour when they’ve been EVERYWHERE else! Bring on the “Glee” – I can’t wait to meet the cast!!!!! When are they in Sydney?

  5. Just saw on Channel 10′s Glee website that the cast will be at Westpoint Blacktown Shopping Centre on the 20th September at 1pm! Let’s all flock there Sydney Gleeks!


    I wanna meet KEVIN MCHALE sooooooooooo bad!
    I have also been a fan of his since NLT!


  7. Oh ma lord! Anyone going to meet ‘em at Highpoint? Cause I know I am! Oh, and I’m gonna get there at like 9am…

  8. OMG OMG OMG I LOVE GLEE!! cant believe their coming here XD


  9. Highpoint is in the area i live.. I am so going!
    Love Glee :D

  10. OMG I won the fox rooftop party competitiooooon so I get to meet them all there. OMG. :D So excited.

  11. i fly into sydney at 1.30pm :( i cant believe the cast is going to be in australia and i’ll miss them by like half an hour. are they going anywhere else?

  12. OMG i saw them at highpiont shopping centre the otehr day!!! i love them!

  13. Did they end up being on rove? I never saw them??

  14. Is glee coming 2010 to Sydney or have they been cause if they have im really annoyed cause i really wanted to see them as im a major fan.
    P.S Can u book tickets if they are coming in sept 2010

  15. hi i am maddison eldering and i was woundering when are you (GLEE) ARE GOINBG TO TOUR IN SYDNEY

  16. Dear “Glee Fan”,
    Can you please tell us how to actually ENTER the competition because it doesn’t say how to on the blog. Also, if someone doesn’t win the competition, how much money would a ticket be?????
    Please reply soon.


    No celebrates evar come to Adelaide ;(

    I reallyyyy wanna meet Lea !! Soooooo bad.

  18. Why is Brisbane always ignored, Sydney sucks and they are all up them self yet we flog in footy, go figure. Glee, please come to Brisbane! I love you so much!

  19. omg no way im such a big fan of glee i would do everything just to meet the cast of glee and Ashley Canada is not ignored cause you got justin bieber i love glee and im a gleek and proud of it
    xoxo taryn

  20. I wasn’t a mega Gleek when they came to Australia, so I didn’t feel the need to go and see them. WHY DIDN’T I GO AND SEE THEM!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think my life would have been complete now if I had. Let’s hope they come again…

  21. what year is this. is it 2011 or has it already been.

  22. I’m 12 years old and i need glee its my life every single day after school or after swimming on the holidays i watch season 1 and 2 always. i don’t care what people think but hay everybody in Australia loves glee. i went to the gleek-on day in sydney and there was everything glee not everything but everything. there the tickets that you can take pictures with them and i took a picture with Kevin and Harry that that was so cool because they are so hot and funny. we got to ask Questions with Harry, Kevin,coach beast and laren who was funny. then i told Kevin a question about whats it like getting slushied and it hurts. then they signed our pictures that we took with the people and there where other pictures and i took all of them but i didn’t get them to sign them and tat was the best day of my life

  23. Omg I am do exited!!! But wait!! Please tell
    Me that Darren criss is coming too!!!!! He better be!!!!

  24. I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanted to meet them but now it’s 2012!!! If I new before I would have came!! But the problem is Heather Morris (Brittany) wasn’t there if brittany doesn’t come next time I will faint!! I have a dog called Brittany and a rabbit called Santana. I need to meet them just once in my life PLEASE!!

  25. I

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