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Season 2 Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Britney/Brittany!

With the premiere of Glee‘s second season only weeks away, dozens of newly released photos and spoilers are throwing the fandom into a frenzy of anticipation! New York Times photographer Todd Heisler spent five days in August documenting the show at a studio lot and in two Los Angeles-area high schools.

His candid behind-the-scenes photos offer a window into the making of the highly anticipated season two, featuring the making of the Britney tribute episode. You can see Heather in her “Me Against the Music” video, Matthew busting a few dance moves, and even a full page of the episode script! Check out the photos below!

@DiannaGleeFans on Twitter has a close transcript of what the script page says. Go follow her!

Special ‘Glee’ Clothing Line hits Macy’s!

Posted by Tinkers on Aug-15-2010 under Glee Merchandise, Pictures, Random

Who needs the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? (Remember this?) The official Glee clothing line hits stores August 15th at Macy’s stores nationwide!

To promote the eagerly anticipated second season of Glee, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Macy’s announced the launch of their exclusive Glee clothing line! The line, hitting all Macy’s locations, will translate the pop culture phenomenon into the year’s ultimate shopping experience with branded vignettes and front-of-store window placement.

The flashy new apparel will include t-shirts, fashion tops and hoodies priced from $19.99-$34.99. The array will include music-inspired designs (similar to the “Music is My Life” shirts sold at the live concerts!) and sporty athletic apparel. It offers fashion for every type of Gleek!

Click to read more about the new fashion line…

Lea Michele to Perform “Hit Me Baby One More Time!”

Posted by Tinkers on Aug-06-2010 under Lea Michele, Pictures

Lea Michele has been spotted walking around set in an outfit that looks suspiciously like one worn by Britney Spears in the music video for Hit Me Baby One More Time! In fact, it’s identical.

She has been quoted as saying she’d recreate one of the pop star’s older music videos, so this outfit pretty much confirms her performance. What do you think? Was this the right song for her? Post away!

Source: Just Jared – Lea Michele Channels Britney in ‘Baby One More Time’!

Jane Lynch to Cameo on iCarly

Posted by Tinkers on Jul-03-2010 under Jane Lynch, News, Pictures

Everyone’s favorite Sue Sylvester will be making an appearance on Nickelodeon’s teen hit, iCarly! Jane Lynch is said to be taking on the role of Sam (played by Jennette McCurdy)’s mother, who no one’s seen yet but everyone knows exists. Kinda like Rachel’s two dads. When are we seeing them?!

The episode, which films next week, will be a part of iCarly’s third season. Apparently, even Jane’s stepdaughter Haden is pumped for this cameo; she’s such a big iCarly fan that the Nickelodeon show was even referenced in her mom’s wedding vows!

Source: Exclusive: ‘iCarly’ casts ‘Glee’ meanie Jane Lynch as Sam’s MIA mom – Entertainment Weekly

Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Groff!

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Groff

Yup! You read right! Details.com, the geniuses that they are, gave Jonathan Groff a camera to run around wild with on the set. What was even more brilliant was the captioning that Jonathan Groff, himself, provided for each photo.

Photos include uncensored shots of Jonathan Groff with Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, and Jane Lynch, as well as many behind the scenes views of Vocal Adrenaline’s numbers. It even includes some spoilers for the finale, so beware!

So go on, enjoy! Click the source link for more photos from your favorite Glee guest star and his commentary on each.

Source:  14 Exclusive Behind the Scenes Photos—Shot by Jonathan Groff! -Details.com

Rob’s Report: Breakfast with Glee at Z100 – An Elvis Duran Show & iheartradio Event

NYC On Friday, May 28, 2010, my day started by stepping off of a Greyhound bus and into New York City for the first time in my life. After only an hour or so to go check out the hotel we would be checking into later that day, it was time to head off to the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in Tribeca. As a sort of last minute surprise, I was able to bring my friend Emily Zhang with me, so that’s who you’ll see me with in the pictures. She was going to stay back and do something else, but I was able to get her an entry thanks to the awesome people at iheartradio. We took the subway from 50th to Canal St., and stood in the line that was forming outside of the building. I texted my contact at iheartradio, saying that I was there, and she came out to get me! We got to bypass most of the line and we came inside to get a sneak peek of the theater before everyone else was allowed in. It was set up to look like a classroom, but they chalkboards had hilarious caricature drawings of all the cast members. I remember that when Amber saw the one of her, she commented on how big her head was. Hehe…

iheartradio Glee Interview

Click the image above to see a photogallery of images of the event from iheartradio...

Right before it started, we got to save our seats in the theater. We sat in the second row (I believe that the 1st row was reserved for employees) and we got wristbands so that we could leave and come back in easily. We dropped our stuff off in our seets, and then got some breakfast. Everything was provided by Dunkin’ Donuts, so the donuts and coffee was great. Then we went back to our seats and ate while the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show people came in. This was awesome for me because I listen to them almost every morning on a local station, Q94, but I had no idea what they actually looked like! Greg T., who Elvis Duran usually refers to as frat boy or round head, went around asking for peoples’ questions to ask the cast during the interview. Finally, the Glee cast came in.

Glee Cast at Elvis Duran

The cast members who were present were Cory Monteith (“Finn Hudson”), Kevin McHale (“Artie Abrams”), Jenna Ushkowitz (“Tina Cohen-Chang”), Naya Rivera (“Santana Lopez”), Amber Riley (“Mercedes Jones”) and Mark Salling (“Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman”). After some introduction, they began answering questions. Some of the questions were from the audience (approximately 100 people), in which case Greg T. would go to the person who had a question and let them ask it into the mic. Other times, they would take callers with questions, which Elvis was able to do on stage using his iPad. One of the funniest times was when a caller was trying to ask the cast about their ages in relationship of the ages of their characters, but their cellphone signal was so bad that only every other syllable was audible. Obviously, the Glee cast had no idea what they were trying to say. Enjoy this captioned image of Jenna, Cory & Amber’s confused faces:


Click here to read the rest of my (long) report, complete with video highlights of the interview…

Cory Monteith on Ellen

Posted by Rob on May-11-2010 under Cory Monteith, Interviews, Pictures, Videos

Cory Monteith spent part of his birthday on The Ellen Degeneres Show, talking with Ellen about his now famous Glee audition video. He even recreated the audition, Tupperware and all! Check out the video of his appearance on the show:

Here’s a picture of Cory drumming away!

Cory Moneith on Ellen

While he was at Ellen, Cory tweeted a few videos of him exploring the studio:

Here, Cory takes you inside an awesome storage room that he probably wasn’t supposed to be inside…

Lastly, here’s a picture that he tweeted of the gigantic drumsticks Ellen gave him:

had a blast on @theellenshow today! I even got a bday present... on Twitpic

@frankenteen: had a blast on @theellenshow today! I even got a bday present from Ellen! they’re totally functional.

Britney Spears Tribute Episode?!

Posted by Tinkers on Apr-23-2010 under News, Pictures

FINALLYI was as shocked, awed, and puzzled as you were by the trending topic on Twitter that appeared a few days ago: #BritneySpearsGLEE. Reportedly, Britney Spears’ manager Adam Leber tweeted in an attempt to rouse excitement over a Glee all-Britney episode. “Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE?” he tweeted to the world. “Thoughts?”

Ryan Murphy is considering the possibility. He told EW:

“I’m interested in the Britney Spears idea. I’ve always loved her. I’m entertaining it. I think young kids would like that.” Murphy also says that he’s contemplating doing similar hour tributes to Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and, even, Courtney Love! “I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to her,” says Murphy. “She’s interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day.”

Source: ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy on an all-Britney Spears episode: ‘I’m interested’

After the phenomenal success of last week’s glorified Madonna episode, it looks like the writers are looking for more stars to channel! What do you think? Overkill? Or potential hilarity?! Post away!

Glee Cast Rocks Madonna for TV Guide

Amber Riley as MadonnaIn this week’s issue of the newly redesigned TV Guide Magazine, the cast of Glee talks Madonna for their episode airing April 20 on FOX. Check out the cover below (click to see HQ quality image) and make sure to watch the behind the scenes video of their photo shoot!

Lea Michele talks about her early memories of attending Madonna’s Drowned World Tour three times and even styled her hair like Miss Ciccone when attending Bat Mitzvahs. On the other hand, Modonna wasn’t too important to Matthew Morrison, who says, “I wasn’t a big fan of Madonna; never got into it… As a heterosexual guy, she didn’t have much impact on my life.”

Glee Cast Rocks Madonna for TVGuide

Chris Colfer and Mark Salling both weren’t allowed to listen to Madonna growing up. Colfer says, “My mother and grandmother had all the CDs but didn’t want me to hear about sex.” Similarly, Mark Salling grew up in a strict Christian home in the South, so “Madonna was considered the she-devil.” Haha! Of course Jane Lynch, being a bit older, has memories of Madonna’s success from an older time. She recalls “sitting at a bar all drunk on Long Island ice teas watching her ‘Material Girl’ video and thinking, ‘How Ballsy.’ ” That sounds like something Sue Sylvester would say!

Sources: TV Guide Press Release & TVGuideMagazine.com

Shelly’s Report of the “Hell-o” Screening at The Grove

Posted by Rob on Apr-11-2010 under Cast & Crew, Events, GleeFan.com Exclusives, Pictures, Videos

Shelly recently went to a screening at The Grove in LA for the upcoming episode, “Hell-o”, and most of the cast was there to present! The screening turned into a fun event full of giveaways and even a fountain show! Read Shelly’s full report, complete with pictures and videos of the cast and more! Click on any of the photos below to see a slideshow of all of her pictures from the day. Enjoy! :)

Glee Screening at The Grove

I would just like to start off by saying that even though I’m a “representative” for GleeFan/Forum, what I really love about all of these events is the actual fan experience itself. Everything from waiting in line for hours surrounded by fellow Gleeks, to the actual event. When I tweet, take pictures, and do write-ups, THAT’S what I want to share with you all (as cheesy as it sounds). Now, with that said…

I arrived at The Grove at around 4 pm and met up with fellow GleeNetwork-er GleekLaurie! There was already a decently sized line for the screening, but we got there early enough to still be able to get pretty good spots. Throughout our two-hour wait, “Cheerios” came by and handed out free posters, hats, and water bottles to the line. We were let into the park at around 6:15, and the Cheerios came back to hand out popcorn in Glee bags, like the ones they had at all the other LA screenings.

Glee Screening at The Grove
– Click here to see the rest of the report, pictures and videos!

Glee and….KISS?! Pictures from the Set!

JustJared at CelebBuzz just released these MIND-BLOWING pictures of the cast in full KISS getup! It appears the Lady Gaga episode will also involve a few performances from the catalog of the legendary rock band! Check out the pictures below!

Mark Salling Credit

- Click to see the rest of the pictures!

Shelly’s Pictures of the Glee Panel at PaleyFest 2010

Posted by Rob on Apr-08-2010 under Cast & Crew, Events, GleeFan.com Exclusives, Pictures

Shelly, aka @GleekShelly on Twitter, uploaded all of her pictures from the Glee panel at PaleyFest 2010. With her press ticket, she was able to bypass a long line at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles, CA. The entire cast of Glee, including Jonathan Groff, and its creators were there to talk about the show and answer questions from the audience. To see a slideshow of the panel, click on one of the pictures below:

Glee Cast Performs at White House Easter Egg Roll 2010

Easter Egg RollThe Glee cast had an exciting day meeting the Obamas and performing a few songs at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, a tradition that dates back to 1878. The event opened with Amber Riley singing the National Anthem. That girl can sing! By the end of the day, the cast had sung Somebody to Love, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Sweet Caroline, True Colors, Home, and Don’t Stop Believing. Enjoy the videos of the cast’s performances below and make sure to check out Michelle Obama singing and dancing along to Sweet Caroline. Looks like fun! :)

Also, we’ve added the cast’s Tweets from the day so that you can check out all of their fun TwitPics and Harry Shum’s 6 minute video that he recorded while on the lawn! Enjoy!

The Easter Egg Roll

National Anthem -- Amber Riley [Full verson]

“How about Amber? Please give Amber a big round of applause!” -- Barack Obama

Somebody to Love -- Glee Cast, Somewhere Over the Rainbow -- Matthew Morrison & Mark Salling

-- Click to see the rest of the videos, cast tweets, and more!

Best Week Ever: Glee Trying Not to be Gay on Rolling Stones Cover?!

Posted by Tinkers on Apr-02-2010 under Pictures, Random

Check out this HIGH-LARIOUS article from Best Week Ever on the campy Glee cover of the Rolling Stones magazines. Although I must agree…who’s bright idea was it to expose Lea Michele’s ass to the magazine-reading/cover-skimming world?


Fox has been quite cruel to us these past few months, taking one of the few things around to bring us crisp, uncomplicated, adolescent joy and waxing it away like so many layers of post-pubescent hair. I speak, of course, about Glee, the hour-long musical drame-glee which ingrained itself deep, deep into our psyche, reminding us that we were perhaps cooler in high school than we gave ourselves credit for. (Example: I’ve never been pantsed. Unwillingly.)

But in 2 weeks, as the ads running 4 times per 15 minute intervals in between this season’s horrendous American Idol contestants have well reminded us, GLEE IS BACK. And to whet our appetites for what will surely be the most anticipated television return since Kelsey Grammar on Frasier, Rolling Stone Magazine has put the cast on their cover. And look… they’ve completely exposed Lea Michelle’s ass. Well.

Listen Glee, try as you may, buttocks flying free, but you’re still pretttttty much the gayest show on TV. Own it. We love you for it. Keep that ass under an ill-fitting plaid skirt where it belongs. And thank you.

Also 2 weeks until the RePremiere! Considering how bad Idol is this season, we’re prepping our campy sequined eye tourniquets in advance. We need a hit, and we need it bad.

Source: Glee Desperate Not to Be The Gayest Show on TelevisionBest Week Ever

Glee High School Yearbook!

Posted by Tinkers on Apr-01-2010 under Pictures, Random

Check out this HIGH-LARIOUS picture of the Glee cast’s high school graduation shots! Kevin looks exactly the same, and will someone please check out what’s going on on Mark Salling’s head?!


Thanks @gleeks for the photo!