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Season 3 Spoilers from Ryan Murphy

Photo Credit: Season 3 is barely underway and we already have a treasure trove of goodies to look forward to, straight from the mouth of Ryan Murphy as reported by TVGuide. We already know that Idina Menzel’s Shelby Corcoran is coming back for a multiple episode arc, and Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) is quitting New Directions. Worried about Lauren being written out of the show? Don’t worry; she has a “major story with Chris Colfer” later in the season, according to Murphy.

It’s already shaping up to be a big year for Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.). Not only was he just given parents earlier in the summer, Murphy confirms that the infamously bad singer will sing at least two songs by the time the fourth episode rolls around, and that’s not a typo– he’s singing, not dancing.

And what about those promises made earlier in the summer, that there would be no more special guests, no more tribute episodes, that the Glee Project winners would get some great roles? Well, so far he’s mostly sticking to his guns. Aside from new characters played by Vanessa Lengies and LaMarcus Tinker, there are no current plans to add any more guest stars, although Gwyneth Paltrow making a return to her Emmy-award winning performance as Holly Holiday is possible later in the year. The Glee Project winners will be staggered throughout the season, with Damian McGinty arriving in the fourth episode as a foreign exchange student staying with Brittany (Heather Morris). Naturally, she “thinks he’s a leprechaun with magical powers”. Samuel Larsen will be appearing mid-season as a relative of Mark Salling’s Puck. One or both of them might still be around for the one tribute episode they’re planning this year. The details are still fuzzy and secretive, but if it works out it will be a two-hour episode in the spring dedicated to the music of an act they’ve been trying to license for the past couple years.

What’s your favorite bit of news, Gleeks? Being able to add some more Harry Shum to your iPod? More drama for Will and Emma? Seeing Gwyneth Paltrow, Damian, and Samuel back on your TV screen? Excitement for the season is already amping up, and we’re only in the first week! Share your thoughts below!

Source: We’ve Seen the Glee Season Premiere– Here’s Your Spoilerpalooza! –TVGuide.com

Lauren Zizes to quit The New Directions?

Posted by Laura on Sep-10-2011 under Ashley Fink, Cast & Crew, Glee Episode Spoilers, News

Sadly, it looks that way. According to Michael Ausiello of TVline:

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Ashley Fink’s screen time will be drastically reduced following the Sept. 20 season premiere, which finds her recurring (and somewhat polarizing) character, Lauren Zizes, abruptly [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] quitting New Directions and breaking up with her steady beau Puck (Mark Saling), who spent much of Season 2 wooing the demanding, plus-sized tough girl.

It makes sense that certain recurring cast members may appear less in season 3; with 16 series regulars and 4 Glee Project winners having to be accommodated, the writers have a tough task on their hands trying to find time for everyone.

But let us not shed a tear just yet, the new season is still in the early days of filming and less screen time does not mean no screen time! Who knows what’s in store?

All we know for certain is that Ashley Fink and her sassy, yet loveable attitude, will no doubt remain a popular favourite among Glee fans.

What’s been your favourite Zizes moment?

Source: Glee Exclusive: Is Ashley Fink In… Or Out?

Season 2 DVD Extras: A Roundup

As Glee: The Complete Second Season is nearing a release on DVD and Blu-ray, videos of the extras have surfaced. View the hilarious extras we found below:

Glee Season 2 will be released on September 13th and can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon.com for only $34.99.

Glee Cast Partners with Vogue for ‘Fashion’s Night Out’

Stars of Glee have partnered with Vogue to promote the third annual ‘Fashion’s Night Out’, a global fashion event that combines the fashion of top designers with the star power of celebrities with the excitement of reinventing yourself with unique takes on the latest trend. “For the third year in a row, celebrities, designers, and stars will perform and mingle with shoppers as they take part in FNO-exclusive events and snap up special designs.”

FNO will feature designers and brands frequently seen on Glee characters and Glee stars alike, including Anthopologie, Betsey Johnson, J. Crew, and Juicy Couture, among others, during the September 8th event. But before that, Glee stars released a similarly stylish PSA. The PSA, which aired August 23, featured Lea Michele covering David Bowie’s song ‘Fashion’ along with the rest of the cast, in a video designed by Vogue editor Tabitha Simmons.

Follow Fashion’s Night Out on Twitter (@FNOnyc) or check out their homepage (fashionsnightout.com) for more information about the event, or check out the Glee cast’s music video below, and be sure to stay tuned for more from Fashion’s Night Out!

Source: Show Stoppers: Glee Comes to Fashion’s Night Out – Vogue

Interviews from the Glee: The 3D Concert Movie Premiere!

As anyone who’s anyone has heard, the Glee: The 3D Concert Movie premiere happened over the past few days, and you know what that means… press!

Loads of hilarious, hilarious interviews have been flooding the net, but here are a few from MTV, Celebs.com, and Myspace, summed up in one big post!

Here, the cast does a fabulous “musical recap” of the Glee 3D movie:


The Hub Productions Presents: Gleek-On ~ Australia’s First Glee Convention

Posted by Rob on Jul-05-2011 under Ashley Fink, Events, Harry Shum, Kevin McHale

Gleek-OnAustralian Gleeks now have the chance to meet some of our favorite Glee cast members at the upcoming Gleek-On Glee convention, which will be taking place in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Here’s some info from the site, but for all the details, check out The Hub Productions: Gleek-On.

Harry Shum Jr, Dot Jones, Kevin McHale and Ashley Fink will be appearing on Saturday 16th July in Sydney from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday the 17th July in Melbourne from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

The event features the guests live on stage for a few stories, anecdotes as well as Question and Answers. There will also be a variety of events throughout the day, such as auctions, raffles and trivia. There will also be merchandise as well as rare collectibles available to purchase from the dealers. You will also have the chance to meet the guests and acquire autographs and professional photographs.

Tickets range from $95 for a Day Ticket which gives you entry into event the event for full day of programming and the opportunity to purchase autographs and professional photographs, through to $850 for a Platinum Ticket which also includes an evening function (Karaoke party) with the guests, first class seating, breakfast with the guests, priority queuing and an autograph and professional photograph with all the guests.

GleeFan Exclusive: Ashley Fink Q&A on inspirations, being a nerd, music & more!

Posted by Rob on May-11-2011 under Ashley Fink, GleeFan.com Exclusives, Interviews

Ashley Fink, Photo Credit: Kristian Dowling/FOXAshley Fink, also known as New Directions addition Lauren Zizes, has answered your questions in this exclusive GleeFan.com Q&A! She talks about her inspirations, how she got to be on Glee, her favorite music, and her advice for girls who are struggling with their self-esteem. Enjoy!

Q: “I was wondering who are your inspirations? What made you want to become an actor?” – Erika (24, Los Angeles, CA)
A: I have so many inspirations! A huge escape from the angst of youth, for me, was television. I’ve always admired funny women… Roseanne, Kathy Griffin, Amy Sedaris, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders… I’ve consistently been inspired by the power of comedy! Seth Green, John Candy, Bill Murray, any and all of the cast of Friends. Also any movie Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick or Christopher Guest ever made has inspired me.
I believe I knew I wanted to be an actor when I was 3 years old. I hung sheets up, pretended they were stage curtains, laced up my tap shoes and put on endless shows for my poor parents… I was no fool however, I charged them admission.

Q: “If you had to choose to be any Disney character, who would you be?” – Eleanor O. (19, Melbourne, Australia)
A: Mrs. Potts because I’d love to sing, “Beauty and the Beast.” Also I love me some Angela Lansbury… and Colfer could be my Chip! Or I’d be Mufasa… because… duh… He’s Mufasa.

Q: “Lady Gaga and Ke$ha are hanging from a cliff and you can only save one. Who do you save?” – Rachel S. (19, Philadelphia, PA)
A: Ha! I’d save Gaga because I wouldn’t want her fashions to get disheveled… And I’m assuming the amount of glitter Ke$ha has on will break the impact of her fall.

Q: “What was the audition process for Glee like for you?” – Dani H. (24)
A: Crazy! Robert Ulrich who cast Glee is just a doll. I was very lucky in the fact that he kept bringing me in the office to read for different characters on the show, and I remember the day I read for Lauren. It was a Saturday (which is unusual but they needed to cast the roll asap), I was running late because there was mad traffic… I hadn’t had my daily coffee… Made it there just in time and I went in that room and just… I don’t know how to describe it… Sometimes things just click.

Q: “How did you react when you found out you were going to have a song to yourself?” – Jamilia S-W. (18, Atlanta, GA)
A: I think with a squeal followed by a jump kick… Yeah… there was definitely a high kick in there somewhere. I was thrilled! Mr. Ryan Murphy (who I’m obsessed with) told me before I actually read it in the script. And, “I Know What Boys Like” is such a fun 80’s anthem. Totally a Zizes jam.

Q: “If you can pick any song for Lauren to sing to Puck, what would you choose?” – Nicole B.
A: Haha… Any song?! The world is my oyster in this scenario! I may have to pick a few! Okay–
“Head Over Feet” (the acoustic version) by Alanis Morissette
“The Only One” by Melissa Etheridge
“One and Only” by Adele
and last but not least, I’d love to duet “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard with the Puckerman. That would be boss!

Q: “If you were stuck on a deserted island, which 3 people would you want to be stuck with?” – Kimberly S. (13, Ottawa, Canada)
A: Colfer because god knows I can’t live without my boo, my mom because she has the power to make any terrible situation not seem so bad, and the Genie from Aladdin because he could provide things like food, water and cable TV.

Q: “Do you consider yourself a nerd? And, if so, what sorts of nerdy things do you love?” – Alison T. (21, Albuquerque, NM)
A: Ha! If the cats not out of the bag already I’ll confirm it, I. Am. A. Nerd. I eat, sleep and breath anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars or mustaches. I am looking at my shelf of action figures as I type… We have all of the Ninja Turtles in front of their New York postcard backdrop, some Smurfs, Jack Skellington, Seth Green (yes, he has an action figure from Austin Powers, check it out), the Wicked Witch of the West, some Fraggles that I got in a happy meal. Also you should know I bring a zombie finger puppet named, “Harold” everywhere. He even came to the Golden Globes.

Q: “What do you sing in the shower?” – Maddy H. (14, Sydney, NSW, Australia)
A: Oh man… “I Would Do Anything For Love” by Meatloaf, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler, “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astly, anything from the Wicked or Rent catalogue… This list goes on and on, just ask my neighbors.

Q: “Do you have a favorite charitable organization or one you feel most passionate about?” – LaDonna M. (27, Tacoma, WA)
A: Yes! I love the folks over at the Trevor Project, they are just incredible and are truly changing lives. www.thetrevorproject.org
Also the Alzheimer’s Association is near and dear to my heart, one of my best friend’s father recently passed away and he was unfortunately afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Seeing someone go through that is life changing. www.alz.org
The NOH8 campaign is also great and the funds they raise go to promoting and raising awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination around the world! www.noh8campaign.com

Q: “What activities did you participate in while in high school, and what is the one activity that you didn’t participate in that you now wish you had?” – Carrie S. (31, Van Alstyne, TX)
A: High School activities… Does trash talking and going to the record store count? Hahah… No, in all seriousness I went to a performing arts school and it took up literally all of my life. Rehearsals on nights and weekends, then musical theatre camp in summer. There was not much I didn’t participate in… I was a little Rachel Berry in that regard.

Q: “If you could pick any song for Lauren Zizes to sing on the show, what would it be?” – Kelly
A: “I’m Every Woman” – Chaka Khan
“Out Tonight” – Rent
“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper
Or an original song entitled, “Come Correct”–hahah, as in, “You best come correct.”

Q: “Where would you most like to travel?” – Jaime H. (26, Rochester, MN)
A: Anywhere and everywhere! I have never been to Europe, and I have always wanted to! Luckily I’m going to get to see some of Europe this summer on tour with Glee Live! Also I’d love to spend some time in Narnia or FernGully.

Q: “What is the song that you can’t help but dance/sing to when it comes on the radio or shuffle?” – Rose B. (19, Cottonwood, AZ)
Oh, wow… Too many to list! “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot for sure or… “You’ve got the Right Stuff” by New Kids on the Block. I HAVE to do the choreography every time I hear that song. No lie.

Q: “What advice do you have for girls who are struggling with their self esteem?” – Dani H. (24)
A: Hold your head up, and smile. Everyone has insecurities. Everyone! That girl you stared at all through high school because you wanted to be and look just like her? She had problems with self esteem too! The key is not to let self doubt and insecurities stop you from going after what you want, and being yourself. Stereotypes are silly and are not as prevalent as they appear to be. No one is perfect even though most people would like to be! So screw it! Just find the strength to be yourself and rock it.

Q: “Alright, super important question. Would you rather be a ninja, a pirate or a cowboy?” – Sophia P. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
A: Ninja. Straight up.

Send in Your Questions for Ashley Fink!

Posted by Rob on Apr-12-2011 under Ashley Fink, GleeFan.com Exclusives, Interviews

Ashley FinkAshley Fink, who plays New Directions’ newest addition, Lauren Zizes, will be answering your questions!

You probably remember the Q&A we recently did with Chris Colfer, and Ashley has agreed to do one as well! Once all the questions are submitted, I’ll be sending her the best ones, so please have your questions in by 11:59pm EST on Friday, April 22nd.

You can submit your questions here as a comment below, email them to me directly at Rob@GleeFan.com with the subject “Ashley Fink Fan Question(s)”, or even Tweet them to me @GleekRob. Remember to include your first name and optionally your last initial, as well as where you are from. If you would like, you can also include your age. For example, if I were to ask a question, at the end I would say, “Rob B. (18, Richmond, VA).” Also, please use your real email address if you are leaving a comment, because I will be sending out a reminder email to the people whose questions were selected.

We’ll probably be picking around 15 questions, but feel free to submit as many as you’d like. (Note: If you’re submitting them by email, try to put all your questions in the same email if possible.) Your question can be serious or silly, just don’t waste your questions by asking for any juicy spoilers. ;)

Good luck, and I can’t wait to read through all your questions!

Ashley Fink Dishes to ‘Extra’ About Glee

Posted by Rob on Mar-09-2011 under Ashley Fink, Interviews, Videos

Extra’s Mario Lopez talked to Ashely Fink about the believability of Lauren’s relationship with Puck, her go-to karaoke songs, and more! Note: Ashley has “mad swagger.” True fact.

Source: Ashley Fink Dishes to ‘Extra’ about Her Hookup on ‘Glee’

Ashley Fink Sits Down with gURL

Posted by Rob on Mar-03-2011 under Ashley Fink, Interviews, Videos

Ashely Fink, who plays New Directions’ newest recruit Lauren Zizes, recently chatted with gURL.com about her first kiss, high school drama, and a lot more. Check out her hilarious video interview below!

Source: gURLs of wisdom: Glee’s Ashley Fink talks surviving awkwardness