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Adam Kolkin to Play Young Kurt

Posted by Rob on Sep-29-2010 under Glee Guest Stars, News, Pictures

Adam Kolkin - Young KurtSo far, the casting directors have done a great job of finding younger versions of the Glee characters. Their young Finn and even young Rachel from the pilot were spot on, and they’ve done it again! Thirteen year old Adam Kolkin will be playing a young Kurt Hummel for a flashback montage in this Tuesday’s episode. Here is an excerpt from an article in The Orange County Register talking about how Kolkin landed the role:

The role called for an 8-year-old but Adam Kolkin went anyway.

The Los Alamitos High School freshman says he can look young but, more than that, he perfectly looks the part.

Kolkin, 13, will appear on “Glee” on Tuesday as a young Kurt Hummel in a series of vignettes flashing back to Kurt as an 8-year-old at his mother’s funeral.

The resemblance Kolkin has with Chris Colfer (Kurt) is so uncanny even the casting directors were taken aback when Kolkin walked in the room for his screen test.

“They all kept saying, ‘Oh my God, oh my God,” Kolkin recalled.

Source: O.C. teen to play younger Kurt on ‘Glee’The Orange County Register

Take a look at these snapshots of Adam with Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley. He makes a great Kurt!

Adam Kolkin - Young Kurt
Adam Kolkin - Young Kurt 

Check out the full article for more details about the young actor here!

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18 Responses to “Adam Kolkin to Play Young Kurt”

  1. Holy crap they look just alike!!

  2. The important part is that MIKE O’MALLEY will be in an episode. It will KICKASS.

  3. Thats scary! Its almost unrealistic! THEY LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE

  4. that is insane!! O.o

  5. OMG! *stares* They… They’re identical!! Well done!

  6. Blimey, maybe he didnt impregnate anyone when he was 2, but I think he must have when he was 8!!!!!

  7. That picture of Chris and Adam together is completely adorable!

  8. OMG…so look a like :D

  9. They look so much alike, it’s incredible.

  10. Adam Kolkin looks more like Chris than Chris.

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  12. they totally look like each other…..they look like brothers….Adam looks like a tiny chris colfer!!!!!

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  16. Chris Colfer was totally cloned. :D


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