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2 New Cast Members Announced, Including New Love Interest for Rachel

Things are about to get fiesty. Fox recently announced two new characters will be joining the cast. Dean Geyer (below, right) and Jacob Artist (below, left) will be joining the show as freshman at McKinley. Dean Geyer will play a hunk named Brody who is a love interest for Rachel, while Artist will play Puck’s younger brother.

Lea Michele said Brody is “a cross between Rachel’s two exes Jesse St. James and Finn.”

Check out a video about the new cast from TVLine.com below! Are you looking forward to seeing the fresh meat?

Source: TV Line

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3 Responses to “2 New Cast Members Announced, Including New Love Interest for Rachel”

  1. Super excited to see what Brody has in store for Rachel. I think she will have a hard time getting over Finn but Brody just might be the medicine she needs.

  2. I am pretty satisfied with the addition of these 2 characters, they fit in nicely because they’re not necessarily meant to replace anyone.
    That new girl Marley though? Who in their sane mind would choose such an average-at-best girl to replace Lea Michele? She’s not even CLOSE to up to par. There were contestants in The Glee Project that could kick this girl to the curb any day. Good going Ryan Murphy -_-

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